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   When you log in you will see tomorrows order already loaded on the screen (it may be all zeros).   You can change to another delivery day by clicking next to the Date at the top of the page. Please make sure the date is correct.
You only need to change the QTY amounts, and click  Save changes . You can optionally add a PO or order note to the bottom of the order.
If there is an item you would like to order that you do not see on the base order grid, let us know in the note area.

    After you click  Save Changes , you will see a Purchase Order Confirmation page. This is what you will receive on this date. If this doesn t come up, you may need to click Save Changes again. If you see something wrong, click,  Place/Edit Orders  at the top of the page and you will be able to edit again. You will later receive an Email confirmation within 45 minutes. If you don t get that email, you should log back in and check your order. When you get the confirmation, please read it. We may be notifiing you of a product that is not available.
It is your responsibility to check this confirmation and let us know of any problems.